Automatic Rotation for a Plant Growth Time-Lapse

Plant Growth Time-Lapse setup

I’m a big fan of time-lapses, but they are almost always more interesting when some sort of motion is involved.  Normally the camera is rotated to make the subject (the world?) appear to move, but in this case,* the subject is a tiny grapefruit plant, photographed over several days of growth.  It’s not a lot as of now, but you can see the resulting video after the “read more” link thing.

A scroll saw was used to cut most of this beautifully finished time-lapse rig, and a Shapeoko CNC router was used to cut the circular piece.  I suppose one could also use a large hole saw if you didn’t happen to have a CNC router around.

A stepper motor drives the belt below the camera at a rate of one step per picture, which, in conjunction with the gear reduction going on, allows for a very slow rotation speed.  Cleverly, the plant’s wooden pedestal is balanced on a cooling fan, acting as a thrust bearing for this relatively light load. Continue reading

GoPro Third Person View in Real Life

gopro-third-person-view-rig Many – I suppose most – video games show the player in a third person view, as if the camera was watching your life from the outside.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if this could be done in real life?  Apparently if you have two GoPro cameras and an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset you don’t have to wonder any longer.

Although I can only imagine how this would feel, I generally see about a second of lag between what happens in real life on my GoPro and what is displayed on my iPad or Android device.  This could be quite disconcerting.  Check out the video after the “read more” link to see how this works. Continue reading

Ho Stevie! GoPro Mouth Mount Review

GoPro Mouth Mount Review Ho Stevie!

As pleased as I am that people are making their own DIY mouth mounts for their GoPro cameras, I was surprised that there wasn’t a ready-made GoPro mouth mount on the market.  Well fortunately, there is now, our sponsor Ho Stevie!  He was nice enough to send me one to try out and review.  I will attempt to be unbiased.

This particular mount is meant to be used while surfing.  Although I own several surf boards, I currently live over three hours from the nearest ocean.  On the other hand, I live less than an hour away from the Chatooga river, one that I’ve white water rafted several times.  For this, like surfing I suppose, I allowed the GoPro to dangle from the included strap until it was time to film.  It worked quite well as shown in the video after the read more.

The build quality is solid, as is the mouthpiece.  I was initially a little concerned Continue reading