AGPtEK GoPro Backpack Mount Review

AGPtEK GoPro Backpack Mount Review in actionIf you have a backpack and a GoPro camera, combining the two should be an easy decision. I even toyed with the idea of mounting it using a powerful magnet.

DIY options aside, it would be hard to beat this strap clamp from AGPtEK (Amazon). Although the price seems to have increased slightly to $6.99 since I bought it, it’s still seems like a solidly-constructed mount, with a very powerful clamp. The spring is powerful enough that unless my hand was positioned correctly, I wasn’t able to get it off!

Per one of the reviews on Amazon, this clamp is meant to be used on cloth, not metal, so don’t expect great results on that type of surface. On the other hand, you can apparently use it on a baseball hat if rotated the correct way, so that’s another option. Be sure to check out my full “AGPtEK GoPro Backpack Mount Review” below (it’s not that long)!

As you probably noticed, I’m using a GoPro Hero Session (or Hero 4 Session) for this review. I really love this camera, able to record audio and get wet without even using a shell. Check out my review here.

GoPro Hero Session Stops Recording – Easy Solutions

SD cards likely culprit if GoPro Hero Session Stops Recording

Extreme and Ultra cards. Apparently you just have to pay attention to the gold color!

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a GoPro Hero Session (or Hero 4 Session, as it was originally called) that I absolutely love. Well, absolutely might be an exaggeration, since until recently it would stop recording after a few minutes. As it turns out, the problem that caused my Hero Session to stop, it seems, was that I was using a micro SD card that wasn’t good enough.

It turns out that the card I initially had, a 64 Gb Sandisk “Ultra” card (which I won’t link to avoid confusion), doesn’t transfer data as fast as my new 32 Gb Sandisk “Extreme” card (Amazon). Thus it would stop recording at some point, I assume because it could not longer buffer enough data to make up for the disk’s “pokiness.” Those cards are also available at up to 128 Gb, so you can get even more “extreme” if you like.


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Roomba Mounted GoPro = Mildly Interesting Video

Roomba Mounted GoProIf you place a GoPro Camera on top of a Roomba, what happens? This more-or-less unproduced video gives an explanation, though you might be left wondering why it’s 10:00 long. My guess is the uploader ran into a limit on YouTube, however, it’s worth fast-forwarding to (spoiler alert) where the camera gets knocked off around 4:50, then run over just after 5:15.

[Via: Reddit]

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