3D Printed GoPro Lens Hood for the Hero 3+

3D Printed GoPro Lens Hood for the Hero 3+

If you have a DSLR with a non-stock lens, it’s quite likely you have a lens hood to cut down on unwanted light rays.  If you have a GoPro, however, it’s extremely unlikely that you have one.  If this is the case (and you have access to a 3D printer), don’t settle for washed-out images, just print one of these for your Hero 3+ from this file on Thingiverse!

As this GoPro lens hood seems to be designed with aerial vehicles in mind, it’s optimized for weight savings.  It doesn’t really offer much protection for the lens, but if you break the hood, at least you can crank out another one!

If you don’t have a 3D printer, the “XYZprinting Da Vinci” model is available for well under $500 on Amazon as of this writing.  I don’t have one yet, or really know anything about that brand or model, but at that price point, I’m kind of tempted to get one.

Thanks, @MetalDesigner on Twitter for bringing this up way back in July!

Your Zoom Lens isn’t Broken, Just Clean the Glass Out!


Surprisingly, this lens was not broken!

Recently, I dropped my Tamron zoom lens.  As far as camera lenses go, it wasn’t that expensive, but being a DSLR lens, it still cost close to $200.  Basically, I picked up my excellent camera sling (Amazon) without the door zipped shut.  Apparently having the door closed is required for proper equipment retention.

After picking the lens up, I could feel loose glass shaking around, and see it when the cap was taken off.  The lens quickly went in the trash.  After all, I don’t want glass spewing all over my garage.  For what it’s worth, I had my GoPro running on time-lapse, so I was able to produce a crude video of it happening, which can be seen later in this post.

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After initially throwing it away, Continue reading

360 Degree Video with the Actioncam360 GoPro Accessory

actioncam360-acessoryGoPro cameras are great for recording your adventures, but what if you’re not sure what direction you would like to film in?  The Actioncam360 accessory solves this problem by allowing you to film in 360 degrees at once with a single camera!  It’s already available for the Hero2, but as I recently discovered, they have a Kickstarter for a Hero3/Hero3+ model.

Cleverly, this accessory doesn’t require any mods to your camera, and won’t void your warranty, as it attaches to the housing.  Interestingly, as shown in the second  video after the “read more,” their Continue reading