360 Degree Video with the Actioncam360 GoPro Accessory

actioncam360-acessoryGoPro cameras are great for recording your adventures, but what if you’re not sure what direction you would like to film in?  The Actioncam360 accessory solves this problem by allowing you to film in 360 degrees at once with a single camera!  It’s already available for the Hero2, but as I recently discovered, they have a Kickstarter for a Hero3/Hero3+ model.

Cleverly, this accessory doesn’t require any mods to your camera, and won’t void your warranty, as it attaches to the housing.  Interestingly, as shown in the second  video after the “read more,” their “Doughnut Player” allows for you to easily pan around after the video is taken.

Here’s the video for the Kickstarter:

Here’s the software used to manipulate things after the fact.

Besides taking interesting videos, it seems like would be a great accessory for taking panning time-lapse videos.

To be fair, I haven’t tested one out.  It looks really cool, but I could also see a few drawbacks to this kind of system:

  • Sensor is taking video or pictures in 360 degrees.  Since you can effectively only use part of the picture at once, the resolution that it’s capable of in each direction would have to be lowered.
  • Price – probably reasonably priced at 110 UK pounds or more (around 180 US dollars) on the KickStarter, but certainly not free.
  • Another level of complexity – With any accessory, you’re adding one more thing to break or possibly degrade your image.

None of these are really flaws in the design, but things to think about if you consider purchasing one of these.

For a few different ways to accomplish some of what the ActionCam360 does, here’s the modified egg timer rig I’ve used for panning time-lapses as well as some examples of what I’ve done.  For something even crazier (and much more expensive), why not use this mount and several GoPros to create a spherical panorama video.  Whoa.

Thanks @actioncam360 for letting me know about your Kickstarter!  If you’ve got something interesting camera-related you’d like to see here, let me know!

2 thoughts on “360 Degree Video with the Actioncam360 GoPro Accessory

  1. Kobayashi Maru says:

    For about $100 or so more you can buy the V360 standalone camera that does the same thing and comes with a ton of other features. Also, you’d likely want the highest model GoPro to use with this attachment otherwise the viewable area will be relatively low res. It’s a neat product but the price point needs to come wayyy down for it to be worth the buy. After all, all you’re really getting is an acrylic tube and a convex mirror.

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