3D Printed GoPro Spherical Panorama Mount

spherical panorama mount 3D printed

Here’s an awesome 360 degree 3D printable GoPro mount via Reddit.  Take this concept 1 step (2 cameras) further, and one can get an amazing spherical panorama video seen after the break.  The site is in German, but definitely worth checking out.

As for how to process 6, or even 4, GoPro videos together into something coherent, I have no idea.  Apparently it has something to do with computers.

Edit: Per Mark’s comment below, “Kolor Autopano” is apparently the software used to combine these videos.

On the other hand, if you have a 3D printer, the information on printing one of these can be found here.  Personally, I might just kludge one together with duct tape or whatever was around, but to each his own…

That video is amazing, but way beyond my current editing abilities.  Also, I don’t own 6 GoPro cameras.  If you do decide to buy 6 GoPro cameras (or more), be sure to use my Amazon link to them, or just buy one of these while you’re at it.  You’ll be sure to impress everyone at the yacht club sporting one of those!

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*Much is used quite liberally in this case.

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