Automated Camera Mount Aims and Focuses Using Blender

Here is another camera mount that uses LEGOs. Last time we talked about using Lego’s to hold smartphones. Now they are being used as part of a 4-axis automated camera mount. While the device is a little rough around the edges, all it would need is a little polish to make it a really professional looking machine.

If four axes of control weren’t enough, a blender animation is used to simultaneously aim and focus the camera.  This is used to program automatic movement patterns. As you can see from the video after the “read more,” the movement is not perfectly smooth, but for a hobbyist looking for a cheap way to automate camera movements, this could be the way to go.

One of the coolest things about this rig is how the focus is controlled. At first I thought the creator must be moving the lenses with a track system. But as the image below illustrates the actual solution is much more elegant, efficient, and accurate. As the video showed, it is possible to change the focus by a very small amount.

Automated camera mountUnfortunately, it looks like this project has been abandoned, or at the least the author hasn’t shared any more of his work. If nothing else, maybe this can provide some inspiration for your next setup!

If someone was to try and recreate the camera mount, some possible improvements could be a smoother tracking system and a way to easily take manual control of the camera using a joystick.