Bike Mount a Point-and-Shoot Camera

Sure, GoPro cameras are great, but what if you just want to mount your point-and-shoot camera on your bike’s handlebars?  I came up with the makeshift solution seen below:

camera_mnt_croppedDubbed the “GoAmateur” camera mount, it’s really just a couple of pieces of plastic and some 1/4-20 hardware.  Not that it’s a great solution – the article is quick to note that this could actually be quite bad for your camera.  Maybe it would work nicely for a smooth road bike ride, but you might want to get something better for those 10 foot drops!

If you’d like to see how video from this looks, there’s some footage after the “read more” thing.

Yeah, pretty shaky.  There are probably better options… This GoPro Mount from Amazon got a very good rating, so it’s worth a look if you have one of those.  Alternatively, this mount is available for canmeras with a traditional 1/4 – 20 mount, but that doesn’t solve the “possibly ruining your camera” issue.