Bottle Rocket Camera for FPV Video

bottle rocket cameraGoPro cameras may be amazingly small and can be mounted in some interesting situations.  Unfortunately, they’re a bit too heavy for some extremely small scale situations.  We’ve covered tiny quadcopter mounted cameras before, but what about a simple “bottle rocket camera?”

Fortuantely, you don’t have to try it yourself to see the awesome results.  Just check out Jeremiahjw’s awesome rocket video after the break!

Although there are cheaper 808 keychain cameras (around $10) available, I think the one used was similar to the 808 #16 V3 version (Amazon).

If you’re set on using a GoPro for your FPV projectile shots, why not try using a water baloon slingshot, as seen here.  For a different take on unique fireworks photography, check out this awesome light graffiti technique using a quadcopter and sparklers!

A big thanks to Trevor Gryffyn on G+ for letting me know about this awesome mount!