Steel Wool and USB Light Graffiti Rig

Mears using his USB Light Graffiti Rig

If you want to create light graffiti, one of the most spectacular things you can do is create a flaming circle, or even an orb. Though these shots may look difficult, with the right equipment it’s not really that hard – just swing a light and/or steel wool around during a long exposure photograph.

But how to make your rig? Dale Mears wrote in with his solution, seen in the pictures below, and in his following explanation:

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Automatic Light Graffiti Laser Fixture Development

automatic light graffiti fixtureLight Graffiti is an art form that I’m a big fan of, and that’s been discussed here numerous times. If you’ve been following my work for quite a while, you might recognize the setup seen above, where a laser is mounted on a pan/tilt assembly. This laser is then moved and turned on and off in sequence to draw the simple image shown on a computer screen.

Unless you’ve been following my projects for quite a while, the sequence of events that led me to this contraption wouldn’t be easy to understand. To help explain everything, here’s my automatic light graffiti video. It takes you from the very basics of my light graffiti journey to a device that can draw an image by itself.

As neat as that is, these techniques, I think could be taken much further. Perhaps painting an entire building would be possible with the right laser setup, or maybe it could be combined with some other experimental camera setup. Who knows?

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Overhead GoPro Lighting Fixture with EMT Conduit

GoPro Conduit Lighting FixtureAs seen in my video below, getting an overhead angle and lighting for your videos is as easy as sourcing parts, cutting conduit, drilling a few holes…OK, it’s not that easy, but this overhead GoPro lighting fixture isn’t the most difficult process you could take on.

As seen around 3:30, the slight swaying is a disadvantage to this attachment method. Perhaps I’ll come up with a way to mount things more solidly soon. Another current difficulty for this project would be that Maker Pipe parts (seen around 2:30) aren’t generally available as of this writing. Perhaps another 1/4 – 20 screw with holes drilled in the two pipes could be used as a substitute.

Regardless, I was somewhat proud of how I used the GoPro case as sort of a permanent mount. This will allow me to start the shot, insert it, and hopefully allow the swaying to dissipate. So it’s not all bad, and should provide for a good alternate angle for many of my projects.

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