Overhead GoPro Lighting Fixture with EMT Conduit

GoPro Conduit Lighting FixtureAs seen in my video below, getting an overhead angle and lighting for your videos is as easy as sourcing parts, cutting conduit, drilling a few holes…OK, it’s not that easy, but this overhead GoPro lighting fixture isn’t the most difficult process you could take on.

As seen around 3:30, the slight swaying is a disadvantage to this attachment method. Perhaps I’ll come up with a way to mount things more solidly soon. Another current difficulty for this project would be that Maker Pipe parts (seen around 2:30) aren’t generally available as of this writing. Perhaps another 1/4 – 20 screw with holes drilled in the two pipes could be used as a substitute.

Regardless, I was somewhat proud of how I used the GoPro case as sort of a permanent mount. This will allow me to start the shot, insert it, and hopefully allow the swaying to dissipate. So it’s not all bad, and should provide for a good alternate angle for many of my projects.

As also seen on JCoPro.net

A New Ring light for Macro Photography

salt robot ring light

salt robot ring light (more info). Note LED ring reflection in eyes.

I’ve experimented with macro photography before, but the lighting can be quite difficult to get right since the lens is generally in the way. Fortunately, there is an alternative called a “ring light.” I bought this model for around $30 on Amazon, and I’ve put my results in a gallery after the “read more” link.

You can also use it as a flash-alternative for relatively close-up shots, like the below photo of a dog toy.  It also works for video lighting.  For photography, I found it best to turn the light on continuous instead of flash, as it won’t adjust your exposure settings for you in this mode (at least I haven’t figured it out yet), and you’d have to compensate for it manually.


Dog Toy – ring light on continuously

washed out ring flash

Overexposed with ring flash

One thing that was a challenge using this was getting my macro adapter (Amazon), which has two male threads, to fit onto the male-threaded adapter for the light. This was easily accomplished by Continue reading

A DIY GoPro Handle Light


“Gopro Team Waalwijk” wrote in to tell us about a method for attaching a light to a GoPro handle. The video is mostly about how to properly attach zip-ties to attach the headlamp to the handle. As seen after the “read more,” it’s well-produced, and the resulting video, taken on a Hero3 Black in otherwise total darkness, can be seen just after the 3:00 mark. Continue reading