Bicycle Camera Mount Alternate Use


Todd Schlemmer recently suggested that I feature this excellent-looking Minoura Handlebar Camera Mount (Amazon), which I’m quite happy to do.  I haven’t used it myself, but according to Todd, he was “very impressed by its solid construction and bikey part appearance.  The cork is totally Japanese old school.”*

It does look quite solid, but naturally I was curious to see what he’s come up with using this device so far.  Todd was kind enough to point me to his Flickr photostream, where he’s documented his setup for videoing a 3D printed camera build.  According to Todd, these photos are “very noisy and representative of both my cognitive method and work space.”  I can relate to this.

Although it’s not attached directly to a bicycle, the mount is fixtured to a pole resting on a bicycle, which seems fitting to me for some reason.  Also of note is his use of clamp lights, which I’ve found to be very useful for making good better quality videos.  Here’s my DIY clamp light stand.


I’m sure the assembly footage will turn out great, and hopefully I can feature it here!

*He should know, as he was recently kicked out of a local Japanese garden for using a Tripod.  Apparently he’s considering his options for making s “stealth tripod.”

3D Printed GoPro Lens Hood for the Hero 3+

3D Printed GoPro Lens Hood for the Hero 3+

If you have a DSLR with a non-stock lens, it’s quite likely you have a lens hood to cut down on unwanted light rays.  If you have a GoPro, however, it’s extremely unlikely that you have one.  If this is the case (and you have access to a 3D printer), don’t settle for washed-out images, just print one of these for your Hero 3+ from this file on Thingiverse!

As this GoPro lens hood seems to be designed with aerial vehicles in mind, it’s optimized for weight savings.  It doesn’t really offer much protection for the lens, but if you break the hood, at least you can crank out another one!

If you don’t have a 3D printer, the “XYZprinting Da Vinci” model is available for well under $500 on Amazon as of this writing.  I don’t have one yet, or really know anything about that brand or model, but at that price point, I’m kind of tempted to get one.

Thanks, @MetalDesigner on Twitter for bringing this up way back in July!

Awesome Medium Duty DIY Lighting Tilter

medium duty DIY lighting tilter

Recently, Dennis wrote in to tell us about his extremely well-built “medium-duty” lighting tilt fixture.  This swivel solves the problem that apparently only really wimpy or really heavy flash “tilters” are available, as shown below.

tilter types available

Unlike a lot of my “custom camera gear,” his piece of kit actually looks very well-built.  It’s milled out of aluminum, and features an ingenious “tapping” method for the bottom swivel that I haven’t seen before.  Instead of actually threading the aluminum, a nut is held securely between the two outer pieces.

DIY lighting tilter assembly

Be sure to check out his site for all the details of his DIY lighting tilter (maybe you can build your own).  If you’re dying to build your own gear, but are short a milling machine, perhaps you should check out this egg timer panning fixture…  No milling required, although a lathe is helpful ;).