Bottle Rocket Camera for FPV Video

bottle rocket cameraGoPro cameras may be amazingly small and can be mounted in some interesting situations.  Unfortunately, they’re a bit too heavy for some extremely small scale situations.  We’ve covered tiny quadcopter mounted cameras before, but what about a simple “bottle rocket camera?”

Fortuantely, you don’t have to try it yourself to see the awesome results.  Just check out Jeremiahjw’s awesome rocket video after the break! Continue reading

Aerial Video with a Keychain Camera and Hubsan X4 Quadcopter

keychain camera hubsan X4 Quadcopter

If you want to take aerial video with your GoPro camera, the DJI Phantom quadcopter, which we’ve featured here, might come to mind.  If you don’t have $500 to spend (or more if you don’t own a GoPro), you might be looking for another cheaper option.

Fortuantely, 501Stratos has found an interesting solution by hooking a sub-$10 keychain camera to the bottom of his little Hubsan X4 warbird quadcopter.  The outer case is stripped off to save weight.

Update 4/22/2014: After a helpful conversation on G+ with Trevor, I realize this camera may actually be the more expensive (around $60) 808 #16 V3 camera (Amazon) with a wide angle “D” lens.  Or maybe another 808 camera with a “D” lens.  For more (much, much more) info on the versions of this keychain camera, check out this article by Chuck Lohr.  Thanks Trevor!

The video, as seen after the “read more,” from this camera is actually pretty good considering the source, but it’s really no competition for a proper aerial filming platform. Continue reading

A DIY Photography Mast

shot with elevated DIY photography mast

Get an “aerial” view with a DIY photography mast!

RT recently wrote in to tell us about his site, MMDO, which in addition to some other interesting DIY projects, features custom camera mounts.  The first one that caught my eye was his “photography mast.”  I wasn’t sure what something like this was called, but “photography mast” works for me.

set up DIY photography mast outside

This mast consists of scrap metal tubing, the main section sourced from an old aerial antenna mast.  Three legs are welded to the bottom section, and the top has a plate attached where the tripod head goes.  The three mast sections are tapered at the end, allowing them to fit into each other for easy assembly.

Camera control is achieved with a very long USB cord (which I think means he’s using a Nikon).  Another option if you’re using a Canon DSLR might be an intervalometer with an extension cable on it (Amazon).*  Cleverly, aiming of the camera is accomplished with a long stick with a hook on it.

stick used to aim camera on photography mast

Camera handle stick for manipulation

Although possibly the most refined, this isn’t the only very high camera mount we’ve seen here.  For more ideas, check out this PVC tripod extension or this bike-stand mounted GoPro Pole.

*I’ve successfully used the linked intervalometer with my Canon T2i, but haven’t tried the extension cable.