Quadcopter Sparkler Light Graffiti

quadcopter sparkler light graffiti with sparklers

Add a moving light in front of your lens when taking a long exposure shot, and you get a “light graffiti” or “light painting effect.  Not satisfied with “normal” techniques, I tried a photo this using a quadcopter as shown in this post.  As fun as it was, adding fire to it in the form of a lit sparkler produced even more amazing effects.

In the above photo, you see the line of fire streaking into the sky, as well as my my Hubsan X4 quadcopter’s (Amazon) LED lights.  It’s hard to fly without them, but I did turn them off (by holding the “down” throttle trim) for a few of the shots.  This made it look cleaner, and the results as well as how I made it can be seen in the two videos after the “read more” link thing. Continue reading

A QuadCopter Light Graffiti Experiment


I’ve done quite a few articles on Light graffiti on my projects site, JCoPro.net, but as I now have a site devoted entirely to camera hacks and such, I’m sharing my “QuadCopter Light Graffiti” project here.

Actually, there’s not that much to it.  The concept is explained here, but basically when your camera’s shutter is open, it collects all the light entering into it.  If that happens over 5 seconds, it resolves it as a single image.  What you see above is my Hubsan X4 Quadcopter (I’m giving one away this month) circling around in front of the camera for around 5 seconds.  I’d hoped to be able to control it better, but I’m still pretty new at this.  Check out my other quadcopter light graffiti photos after the “read on” link thing. Continue reading

DJI Phantom Drone – Best GoPro Accessory Yet?

Although I haven’t been able to use one yet, from the reviews on Amazon, the DJI Phantom quadcopter drone should be on any GoPro fanatic’s Christmas list.

Detroit skyline taken with a GoPro and DJI Phantom

Detroit skyline taken with a GoPro and DJI Phantom

I’ve heard of quadcopters, and even featured one here before. For whatever reason though, the video below got me really thinking about actually getting my hands on one:

After thinking about how well-built they looked, with GoPro-functionality integrated off-the-shelf, I then realized Continue reading