A Highly Improvised Hair-Tie Smartphone Bicycle Mount

hair-tie smartphone bicycle mountShowing that you can make a “DIYTripod” out of nearly anything, Trevor wrote in with his hair-tie smartphone bicycle mount, shown above mounted on his finger. This is constructed with a bike pump holder and 3 elastic hair ties. As he puts it, “anything you can collect is feedstock for an invention.”

Assembly and mountain bike testing begins in the video after the “read more.”  Mountain bike testing begins around 3:20, and a really cool feature of using a phone like this, overlaying a map of where you are, is shown just after 4:35. Although the phone never comes off of the bike, stability is somewhat of an issue, and Trevor may work on this further in the future. Continue reading

Bicycle Camera Mount Alternate Use


Todd Schlemmer recently suggested that I feature this excellent-looking Minoura Handlebar Camera Mount (Amazon), which I’m quite happy to do.  I haven’t used it myself, but according to Todd, he was “very impressed by its solid construction and bikey part appearance.  The cork is totally Japanese old school.”*

It does look quite solid, but naturally I was curious to see what he’s come up with using this device so far.  Todd was kind enough to point me to his Flickr photostream, where he’s documented his setup for videoing a 3D printed camera build.  According to Todd, these photos are “very noisy and representative of both my cognitive method and work space.”  I can relate to this.

Although it’s not attached directly to a bicycle, the mount is fixtured to a pole resting on a bicycle, which seems fitting to me for some reason.  Also of note is his use of clamp lights, which I’ve found to be very useful for making good better quality videos.  Here’s my DIY clamp light stand.


I’m sure the assembly footage will turn out great, and hopefully I can feature it here!

*He should know, as he was recently kicked out of a local Japanese garden for using a Tripod.  Apparently he’s considering his options for making s “stealth tripod.”