3D Printed Quick Release Platform for your Tripod


If you use a tripod and have more than one camera, you may have run into the problem of not having a quick release mount.  Sure, you can just buy one just buy one (Amazon), but what’s the fun in that?  If you have a 3D printer, there’s an easy solution!

Todd wrote in with his 3D printed quick release platform, which looks like it will work quite nicely with many basic tripods.  Per his design, you’ll have to provide your own 1/4 – 20 bolt, although I suppose you could print this too (not sure I would trust that though).

If you happen to have a higher-end MeFoto Road Trip tripod, Todd also has a 3D printed answer for this somewhat different platform.  He might not trust it with a bulky telephoto lens, but for light-duty applications, it should fit the bill.

The MeFoto tripod might cost more than my $20 rig, but like most things, it looks like you get what you pay for.  It looks really beautiful, but at at just under $190 on Amazon, it’s not cheap either!

Indicator Mount Camera Stand

indicator mount camera stand holding a VHS video recorder

This indicator mount camera stand, as originally seen on GreensandMachines, is an interesting concept; a tool used to hold a precision indicator can also be used to hold a camera with the proper adapter for a 1/4 – 20 screw.  Since these stands are meant to be used in whatever setup a toolmaker needs to use it for, it should work just as well for a camera.

That being said, with a picture like the one seen above, we couldn’t pass on featuring this mount.  No word on whether the VHS camera is still in active use; we can only hope.

indicator mount camera stand used with a smaller camera

This camera is a bit more modern.  Being smaller, the mount seems to be able to handle the angle better.

Thanks so much to Peter at GreensandMachines for sending this mount in.  It’s great to seem something like this that works well for something else (indicator stand), but with a tiny bit of modification can be used with a camera as well.

Lego Smartphone Tripods

Lego smartphone tripod with phone

We’ve featured many ways to use and hold your camera here at DIYTripods, but we haven’t featured any using Legos.  That ends today, with two videos featuring drastically different Lego smartphone tripod designs.

The first, seen in the video below, features a clever tripod built entirely out of Legos.  The use of Legos is innovative, but it works similarly to a traditional tripod.  The gears and leg folding ideas were quite interesting in my opinion.

Unfortunately there’s not really a tutorial listed for building this one.  On the plus side, it should give you some ideas if you have a decent Lego collection available.

The next “tripod” resembles Continue reading