Canon Macro/Fisheye Lens Adapter Winner Announced!

macro lens adapterCongratulations to Nicho on winning the Macro/fisheye adapter contest.  Tanks for following via Twitter!  Please be sure to claim your prize by the end of the day on June 4th (EST), or I’ll select someone else.

If you didn’t end up being the winner, you can always buy one from Amazon.  Considering the options that this adapter will open up for your Canon 58 mm lens, it’s a really great value at under $10 (as of this writing).

I’ve taken some great shots with this adapter, so maybe I’ll do another “Jeremy’s Photography” post featuring some of the cool stuff you can do with it.  I wasn’t expecting to, but I’ve found it much more interesting to use in macro mode than as a fisheye adapter.

Wide Angle and Macro Lens Adapter Giveaway

macro-wide-angle-lens-adapterFirst of all, thanks for reading!  As before, for May of this year, we’ll be doing a giveaway (enter contest here) – a wide angle and macro lens adapter (Amazon) that fits onto a 58 mm lens.

I use mine with the kit lens of my Canon T2i DSLR, and I’ve been incredibly happy with it.  I’ve used it to photograph my quadcopter light graffiti in this post, and showed off it’s macro capability in some photos taken of my banged up quadcopter at

If you’d like one of these excellent adapters, check out the contest page for full details and rules!


Taken with this adapter in macro mode

Actobotics Camer Slider Kit Giveaway Winner Announced


Congratulations to Gary Willet on winning the slider giveaway!*  I’ll get Servocity to send you one of these kits.

If you didn’t happen to win one, you can always buy one here (out of stock as of this writing – apparently they’re quite popular).  I haven’t gotten a chance to try this particular model out, but it looks like a great setup.  I’ve had nothing but the best experience with Servocity and their products, so I’m sure it’s excellent!

So a big thank you to Servocity/Actobotics for providing the prize for this contest.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of their stuff on here and my projects blog,!  Also, thanks to those that follow and read this blog.  I hope you’ll stick around, and see what comes next!

*Unfortunately, I didn’t hear back from the original winner by the deadline (tried to contact via Twitter, Email, and via this announcement).