360 Degree Video with the Actioncam360 GoPro Accessory

actioncam360-acessoryGoPro cameras are great for recording your adventures, but what if you’re not sure what direction you would like to film in?  The Actioncam360 accessory solves this problem by allowing you to film in 360 degrees at once with a single camera!  It’s already available for the Hero2, but as I recently discovered, they have a Kickstarter for a Hero3/Hero3+ model.

Cleverly, this accessory doesn’t require any mods to your camera, and won’t void your warranty, as it attaches to the housing.  Interestingly, as shown in the second  video after the “read more,” their Continue reading

Easily Customized Lego Follow Focus

Lego Follow Focus Today’s build features a Lego follow focus with coarse and fine modes of adjustment.  It can be fitted to many camera lenses, and, since it’s made out of Lego parts, can be easily customized. The thing that stands out about this was the build quality.

From the pictures, we can see that all the joints between the Lego blocks are reinforced. Additionally, joints between sides use axles and axle housings instead of a traditional Lego joints. This means it won’t fall apart in your hands and can probably be carried around in a camera bag without consequences. Check out the videos after the break to see how well the follow focus works and how to build it!

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Most Extreme GoPro Lens Mount Yet?


Mounting a GoPro to a quadcopter or even shooting it out of a slingshot may be extreme GoPro uses, but this one may take the cake.  “May” being the operative word, since I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.  Asian characters, and pictures of multiple circuit boards make for a confusing “read.”

I think the gist of this project is that the person made a custom lens mount, but that’s just conjecture at this point.

Yes, I have no idea what is going on here either

This and more extreme GoPro lens mount photos/captions can be found here

I thought readers would at least want to see this contraption.  It’s at least worth a look for the entertainment value.

Via Reddit