A DIY Nikon Infrared Intervalometer

a wireless Nikon infrared intervalometer

The idea to make an Infrared Intervalometer based on a wireless signal rather than a hard wire is an interesting idea.  I suspect it’s one that may have been bounced around before.  Fortunately, “whte_rbt lab” has actually put in the work and made one.  He was kind enough to post the build here along with Arduino code.

This creation was influenced by another Nikon infrared trigger build.  Besides time, this device could be used to trigger based on any number of feedback conditions (sound, light, etc).

Check after the “read more” link thing to see a sunset video taken with this configuration.  I’ve also listed some more creative triggering options if this one isn’t quite your style. Continue reading

DIY Photo Booth

DIY Photo booth

If you’ve been to many weddings in the last year or two, there’s a good chance there was some sort of photo booth there.  This may be more common now, but Mike Mikkelson made his own DIY photo booth for a friend’s wedding in 2011.

I suppose a photo booth like this is kind of the ultimate manifestation of a DIY Tripod, as it holds the camera, triggers it, and makes prints on the spot.  It is also capable of uploading the images automatically to the Internet for safekeeping!

The build isn’t exactly a beginner project, but Mike goes through the steps needed to complete something like this.  His site might be a good place to start researching building one if you’re considering it.  There’s a decent amount of wiring, and you’ll need to run code on both an Arduino and a PC to make everything work correctly.


Regardless of the work involved, the results were reportedly fantastic as shown in the guest book above!

The TriggerTrap Smarphone Intervalometer

setting up the trigger trap intervalometer

Recently Triggertrap was nice enough to send me one of their devices to use with my Canon DSLR (Amazon).  After some initial fooling around with it, I decided to use it as an Intervalometer, as seen being set up above.  Although I haven’t tried everything, this is but one function that the Triggertrap cable/app combo does.

Besides the well-advertised fact that it works with smartphones, I was able to use it on my non-3G iPad.  A few features were missing, mostly having to do with GPS functionality, but there are still many tools to play with.

To test it out, I decided to use my iPad/camera to take a time-lapse video of my panning GoPro time-lapse device to show how it worked. I think the video (after the link) turned out quite nicely: Continue reading