Easily Customized Lego Follow Focus

Lego Follow Focus Today’s build features a Lego follow focus with coarse and fine modes of adjustment.  It can be fitted to many camera lenses, and, since it’s made out of Lego parts, can be easily customized. The thing that stands out about this was the build quality.

From the pictures, we can see that all the joints between the Lego blocks are reinforced. Additionally, joints between sides use axles and axle housings instead of a traditional Lego joints. This means it won’t fall apart in your hands and can probably be carried around in a camera bag without consequences. Check out the videos after the break to see how well the follow focus works and how to build it!

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Low Cost Two Axis Camera Gimbal Stabilization System

two axis camera gimbal

Getting smooth video from a moving camera is difficult. There is always a new technology coming out to obtain it. In the past, servos have been used, but their gearing and latency can take away from the stabilization.  For better results, brushless motors can be used to directly control the gimbal’s moving parts.

Commercial 3-axis gimbals can cost as much as $15,000. However, this two axis camera gimbal design could (in theory) be built for as little as $100.  Check out the video after the “read more” to see an animated rendering of it. Continue reading

A DIY Nikon Infrared Intervalometer

a wireless Nikon infrared intervalometer

The idea to make an Infrared Intervalometer based on a wireless signal rather than a hard wire is an interesting idea.  I suspect it’s one that may have been bounced around before.  Fortunately, “whte_rbt lab” has actually put in the work and made one.  He was kind enough to post the build here along with Arduino code.

This creation was influenced by another Nikon infrared trigger build.  Besides time, this device could be used to trigger based on any number of feedback conditions (sound, light, etc).

Check after the “read more” link thing to see a sunset video taken with this configuration.  I’ve also listed some more creative triggering options if this one isn’t quite your style. Continue reading