Build a Really Beautiful DIY Wooden Tripod

DIY Wooden Tripod

I recently stumbled upon the beautiful wooden tripod pictured above from this forum.  It’s meant to be used with a telescope, but the idea could easily be retrofitted to work with a camera.

The original instructions can be found here, and are quite detailed.  The only thing that would seemingly be difficult to source is the tripod hub.  A quick search revealed this Telescope WITH a Tripod for under $30.  That seems like an unbelievably low price, and looking at the reviews, it seems that you get what you pay for telescope-wise.

DIY Wooden Tripod Leg Drawing

One review of it did say, Continue reading

More Panning GoPro Time Lapse Videos

If you’re on the fence about building a GoPro Egg Timer panning device, here’s a few more videos I haven’t shown off here yet.  The videos illustrate quite well how the device can be used mounted to a car.

Here’s a GoPro time lapse video of me driving in Destin, Florida at night.  The egg timer is attached to the roof via the built in magnet.  It worked very well up until about 45 miles per hour.  Read on for four more videos. Continue reading

A DIY Tripod Lamp from an Antique

Turning this site’s premise on its head is the DIY tripod lamp pictured below.  It’s made out of an antique wooden tripod:

diy-tripod-lampThe concept is simple enough – obtain old tripod and screw in a lamp with some simple modifications.  I suppose it could be made from something more modern, but the aged wooden camera tripod has an excellent look to it..  If you want to try this yourself, check out more info on the build here!