DIY Smartphone Microscope


Would you like a digital microscope? Perhaps you’d like to turn your smartphone into one.

If you have a cell phone, you can make a DIY smartphone microscope with up to 175x magnification using $10 worth of parts via this Instructables article. It also claims that you’ll only need 20 minutes to make this setup, but I’m a little skeptical on both counts.


Regardless, this is a really simple setup, using only wood, plexiglass, nuts/bolts, and a lens from a laser pointer. If it takes you a little longer than 20 minutes, the results appear to be worth it.  Besides the article linked above, you can see a video of how one of these microscopes is made after the “read more” link.

The video claims that this is a “viable option for under-funded science classrooms,” which may be true. Perhaps it could be a good project for normally-funded shop classrooms as well! Continue reading

Five Unique uses for a GoPro Camera or Smartphone


Here’s an interesting collection of camera hacks produced at the ECAL art school in Switzerland.  The video and hacks were made as part of a one week workshop with the stated goal to: “build an apparatus that produces videos the world has never seen before.”  The video has five apparatuses, although some look similar to things “seen before.”

Pictured above is a swivel mount that is cleverly camouflaged in a silly winter hat.  It doesn’t look “normal,” (here’s a more “traditional” PVC GoPro swivel recently featured) but probably less obtrusive than this 360 swivel mount featured earlier.  They will apparently even let you eat at McDonald’s with one.*  Also of note is the second “hack” around 0:37 that uses a camera phone in motion to record images inside like a flip book.  You’ll probably want to Continue reading

Lego Smartphone Tripods

Lego smartphone tripod with phone

We’ve featured many ways to use and hold your camera here at DIYTripods, but we haven’t featured any using Legos.  That ends today, with two videos featuring drastically different Lego smartphone tripod designs.

The first, seen in the video below, features a clever tripod built entirely out of Legos.  The use of Legos is innovative, but it works similarly to a traditional tripod.  The gears and leg folding ideas were quite interesting in my opinion.

Unfortunately there’s not really a tutorial listed for building this one.  On the plus side, it should give you some ideas if you have a decent Lego collection available.

The next “tripod” resembles Continue reading