Upgrade your Point-and-Shoot Camera with CHDK


So you have a Canon point-and-shoot camera, but you’d like to take advantage of such functions as timed sequential shots for time-lapse photography, or full control over your exposure setting.  A DSLR is certainly a good option, but if you don’t want to spend $500 or much more for one, CHDK is definitely worth a look.

CHDK, or Canon Hack Development Kit is a piece of software that can be loaded onto an SD card and used to update your camera’s firmware.  If you’re worried about damaging your camera, the software is loaded only onto your SD card, and not the camera directly.  Install a new card and you should be back to normal.

“Should” is an important word there, since this is an experimental package that includes no warranty.  On the other hand it is free, and has many impressive features that can be taken advantage of.  Check out the video below from GetConnected to see what CHDK is all about.

This certainly seems like an awesome piece of software if  you own a point-and-shoot Canon camera.  I’m not going to trade my DSLR in for one, but if you already have one of these cameras, it seems like a great tool.

Have you used CHDK to upgrade your camera?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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