A DIY Galvanized Pipe Tripod

galvanized pipe tripod

Gary wrote in to show off his DIY pipe tripod, a very sturdy looking unit made of 3/4 inch galvanized pipe, and anchored with a pipe floor flange.  Gary attached a tripod head to a 1/2 inch tee using J-B Weld epoxy compound (Amazon), and fitted it up to the 3/4 inch piping using a reducer.

As can be seen in the pictures above, this setup appears to give a wide range of adjustment options.  If you’re wondering how well this camera mount works for the long haul, he has filmed 93 hours of instructional video with it.  It was made in 2004, and is still in use today!

For some of his videos, check out his Youtube channel, or catch a few highlights after the “read more” link.  The first video is of two really well done animatronic eyeballs, and the second is of an unbelievably “realistic” monster head that he made.  The monster demonstration starts around 0:27:00 on video 2.

If you watched that last video, have sweet dreams tonight.  It may not be humanish, but the term “Uncanny Valley” somehow seems appropriate for this beast!

If you’ve got any DIY mounts, storage solutions, or unique camera techniques you’d like to see featured here, be sure to let me know in the comments!