DIY GoPro Swivel Mount


So do you want a rotating GoPro shot above your head while doing whatever it is that you do best?  You could buy one from Rhino Camera Gear for $125, or there’s always the DIY route.  Given that you’re here, this most likely interests you.*

Mike at M2 Photography has laid out plans for a somewhat cheaper DIY GoPro swivel mount.  These plans include a full list of materials that you’ll need, including quite a few from a vendor I’m very familiar with,  An Actobotics swivel forms the base for this contraption, while a carbon fiber pole makes things relatively light.

Mike has a video of him trying out his setup around the house, and there’s another video of a similar mount being used in some downhill mountain biking after the “read more” link thing.

*And if you’re not interested in “DIY” camera stuff at all, I still encourage you to keep checking out this site.  I usually have some alternative listed that you can just buy if you don’t want to make the listed contraption.  Sometimes I get money for this (generally if it’s off of Amazon and you click my link first), so really if you don’t like DIY at all and just like to “BIY” (buy it yourself), I really don’t mind!

For another of Mike’s contraptions, check out this GoPro Skate mount.  I’m not sure what I would use it for, but it looks really cool!

via Reddit