A DIY Nikon Infrared Intervalometer

a wireless Nikon infrared intervalometer

The idea to make an Infrared Intervalometer based on a wireless signal rather than a hard wire is an interesting idea.  I suspect it’s one that may have been bounced around before.  Fortunately, “whte_rbt lab” has actually put in the work and made one.  He was kind enough to post the build here along with Arduino code.

This creation was influenced by another Nikon infrared trigger build.  Besides time, this device could be used to trigger based on any number of feedback conditions (sound, light, etc).

Check after the “read more” link thing to see a sunset video taken with this configuration.  I’ve also listed some more creative triggering options if this one isn’t quite your style.

Other Creative Camera Trigger Options

This brings to mind an interesting product I reviewed here, called the TriggerTrap.  It allows a smartphone to be used to control the camera shutter in some very interesting ways.  Also of interest for point-and shoot Canon cameras would be the software upgrade CHDK.

Finally, if you want to add on a more “traditional” intervalometer for timing your shots, I use this one this one for my Canon T2i (Amazon).  I’d rather not recommend one for Nikon models though, as I’m not familiar with them.

Via Reddit