A DIY Quadcopter GoPro Mount

DIY Quadcopter GoPro foam mount in action

A quadcopter GoPro Mount may seem like a very natural fit for this blog, but I’ve yet to feature one here.  Thanks to my incessant lurking on the internet, I found this clever foam enclosure setup on Reddit.  Not only does it use packaging foam, it also uses Gorilla Glue for “drone attachment.”  I’m a huge fan of both items for use with a GoPro, so I’m quite happy for this to be the first drone I’ve featured.

The video after the “continue reading” link thing explains quite well how this was done.  It includes a few illustrative stop motion sequences, which I’m a big fan of.  Skip forward to around 2:24 if you just want to see it in action.

If you don’t own a drone, hopefully the video gave you some mounting ideas.  Alternatively, you can also buy the AR.Drone 2.0 used in the video here.  Just to warn you, it’s not cheap.  As for what I’ve done with packaging foam, and on the subject of flying mounts, why not check out my GoPro slingshot build!