DSLR Cooling Fan Looks Crazy, Reduces Signal Noise

DSLR cooling fan

So this is one of the weirder camera hacks that I’ve stumbled on; apparently it’s a DSLR cooling fan.*  It’s written in a language that I don’t understand, but this seems like the general gist of the photo.  I’m not sure why you would need this, or even if it’s even a DIY project, perhaps it slides on nicely.

Something to consider though, I mean why would you need a cooling fan for your camera?

ice cube DSLR cooling fan on Canon cameraI did do a little research** on this, and came up with this cooler on JTW Astronomy.  Apparently, there’s a large benefit (less noise) to keeping your sensor relatively cool compared to your environment.  This reportedly becomes more obvious during long exposure photography, which is used frequently when observing the night sky.  As seen below, the difference can be quite stunning.

DSLR cooling fan noise reduction

No, those aren’t stars!

Apparently they also do some very high-end custom camera and astronomy related stuff.  Maybe they’d be a good company to contact if you need something custom and don’t trust yourself to do it correctly.  I’m sure they’re not cheap though!

*The other was this extreme GoPro lens.

**Research is such an over used term now, I searched around the Internet for 30 seconds.  20 years ago, one would have thought having the world’s information at your fingertips would be an incredible boon to mankind.  Maybe it has been, but it’s definitely made us lazier.

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