A DSLR to GoPro Lens Filter Adapter

If you have a DSLR camera, you may use polarization, UV, and other filters to give you the photographic effect that you want.  There are some lens filters available specifically for a GoPro camera (see these on Amazon), but what if you want to use DSLR lens filters with your GoPro?

An extremely simple GoPro lens filter adapter

My first, and simplest lens filter adapter is show above.  I simply took one of these step up ring adapters and found the correct configuration to fit my 62 mm lens to hang off of my GoPro.

This configuration worked OK, as seen in the time-lapse video below, but I eventually came up with something potentially much better.  Read on for the rest of the details.

My first method of lens attachment was definitely ripe for improvement.  A better adapter was needed, and after some thought, the item shown in the picture below is what I came up with:

My more advanced wooden GoPro lens filter adapter

As you can see, it’s wooden filter adapter.  The wood is cut out so that the lens and GoPro housing attach to it with a very light press fit.  Even after a good shaking, it keeps the lens attached.  One drawback of this design is that the wood currently shows on the sides of the video.  I had used a 3/4 inch piece of wood to adapt this lens, but making it thinner should improve the visibility problem.

This adapter prototype might not be realistic for everyone to make, as it was done on a CNC router (more on this device on my other site).  In light of this, I’ll most likely be doing some sort of giveaway involving these.  The design will likely be changed, hopefully for the better.

The lens I’m using is 62 mm.  It’s part of this package that I purchased for a zoom lens on my DSLR.  Considering the price, I was quite happy with the investment.  The UV filter is especially useful, as I keep it on my lens to protect it.

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