Eagle Mounted GoPro Video

eagle mounted gopro footage

So I guess I will file this under a mount that I have no idea how it was done.  I’m an engineer, not an ornithologist.  On the other hand, mounting a GoPro camera to an eagle makes logical sense in a way, since using them with drones seems to be on the rise.

Maybe you could compare this to riding a motorcycle off road versus riding a horse (I’m going somewhere with this).  A drone (as seen in this article), like a motorcycle, is mechanically more complicated and subjectively less beautiful than an eagle.  On the other hand, you have to feed and take care of a horse or eagle when you’re not “using” it…

So… you should take that into account when deciding whether to buy a drone or eagle mounted GoPro… Anyway, it’s a neat video, and I guess they have some sort of harness.  I’m perplexed as to how it stayed on there that well, but seriously nice job with this.  Here’s another video if you’d like to see some more:

As also seen here.  And if you thought there was a vague Star Trek reference early in this post, then I’m sorry for both of us.