An Easy to Use Lens Hood Cap

lens hood cap

Lens hood with an easily-removable cap

Lens hoods are an interesting accessory, meant to block light from coming into your shot at unexpected dimensions.  Unfortunately, they make putting a lens cap on very difficult if not impossible.

If you’re not satisfied with the fact that the offset does protect the lens somewhat, my extremely simple solution was to simply use a larger-sized lens cap than the lens uses on my hood.  This 58mm hood (Amazon) fit my Canon T2i DSLR’s kit lens, and a 62mm lens cap (Amazon) made a perfect lens hood cap.*  See after the “read more” link for a GIF of the process.

Seriously easy.  I’m really pleased with how this worked.

lens hood cap animated GIF

Much easier than unscrewing the hood!

Incidentally, the above GIF was made in Photoshop Elements 13.  It took me a little while longer than it would have in GIMP.  I do like Photoshop though, so check out my initial review here.

*The cap fit perfectly.  Unfortunately, there can be some vignetting on the sides when zoomed way out on the kit 18-55mm lens.