Extremely Cheap Aerial Shots with the GoPro Balloon Mount

Aerial shots may be expensive to do traditionally, but with a GoPro and several balloons, Tom Guilmette was able to check out what’s going on from a high vantage point quite easily.  The video explains how it was done in detail, but the short of it is: inflate balloons, attach GoPro camera, let it float off on fishing line.  If you’re wondering where to inflate your balloons (and don’t want to go to Walmart), Amazon has you covered with the portable “Balloon Time” kit.

gopro-balloonAs Tom Notes, if it’s a windy day, you may snap your line.  I guess you could always carry a back-up air rifle for emergency retrieval (if the area is clear).  Check out the full video after the “Read more.”

As seen on DIYPhotography.net.