GoPro Dog Mount Fun

I recently saw a video from Resham Aaron involving some “GoPro Dog Mount” shots.  Mounting a camera to an animal is probably something that many dog-loving GoPro owners have thought about, but this is the first video where I’ve actually seen it done.

gopro dog mount on a big yellow dog

Who wouldn’t love a face like this?

Resham mounts the camera both below and above the dog’s neck on a harness.  The shots are a bit shaky, since the camera is swinging back and forth, but he uses the dog shots only occasionally in the beginning as an accent to the rest of the video.

For the other shots, he uses the GoPro extender seen below, and apparently takes advantage of the unit’s high framerate in some of the slo-mo footage.  I’m not sure where he got the extender, but here’s a few options from Amazon.  I’ll have to to to do an article on making handheld DIY GoPro extension.  Most likely it will involve PVC pipe.

This is a great example of using the GoPro camera’s unique capabilities to make something you might see every day (dogs playing) into an interesting video.

gopro extension for dog filming

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a few great looking canine stars (at least two of who were former “pariah dogs” adopted from the streets of Malaysia), and a cat with a look that you’re not likely to forget!

top view gopro dog mountI keep thinking that the big yellow dog reminds me of our Beagle-Pyrenees-Pit “designer breed” dog that’s prominently featured in this post.  She too was adopted.  Apparently they make great pets.

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