More Panning GoPro Time Lapse Videos

If you’re on the fence about building a GoPro Egg Timer panning device, here’s a few more videos I haven’t shown off here yet.  The videos illustrate quite well how the device can be used mounted to a car.

Here’s a GoPro time lapse video of me driving in Destin, Florida at night.  The egg timer is attached to the roof via the built in magnet.  It worked very well up until about 45 miles per hour.  Read on for four more videos.

A similar video driving in North Florida.  The timer was mounted on the trunk of the car, which seemed to be able to handle a slightly higher speed.  I wasn’t quite as happy with how the video turned out, but the drive to Apalachicola was really nice.

Here’s a shot of the GoPro time lapse using the egg timer device on Fort Walton Beach.

Panning car-mounted time lapse video made while Driving in the National Seashore near Destin.

Finally, a short time lapse video taken on Labor Day with me and a few friends grilling out.  This was taken with 10 seconds between frames, so things are pretty choppy.  If you liked these videos, I’d love for you to check out and possibly even subscribe to my Youtube page.  I post a lot of stuff there before it makes it to DIYTripods, if I even post it at all.

If you’re convinced you need one, click the image below for full instructions on how to build this panning egg timer device: