GoPro Headrest Mount for your Car or Truck Seat

GoPro Headrest Mount warp to work video screenshot

I saw this GoPro headrest mount technique on Reddit a month or so ago, so feel free to claim it as your idea in the comments.  It’s extremely simple, just raise your headrest up, insert a GoPro, and sandwich it between the rest and the seat.

GoPro headrest mountI questioned whether or not the footage using this inside the car would be interesting.  Well, here is my answer, a video I call “Warp to Work.”

This time-lapse (hyper-lapse) is taken using my GoPro Hero3 white, taking a frame every two seconds.  I’m not sure if I sped it up more, but it works out to be around 900 pictures played at 24 frames per second in this sequence.

I live in a fairly rural area, so I was surprised at how crazy the lights still look at this interval.  Also, it was cool to see me driving in the video as well.  Apparently there’s more to an interesting time-lapse than just a clear picture of the background; showing the driver seems to add to the effect.

Here’s a “normal speed” video of what this mount can do from the Reddit post linked earlier:

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