Make Your Own DIY GoPro Mouth Mount

GoPro Mouth Mount

The Youtube video after the break should explain how to make the GoPro mouth mount shown in the picture above.  I think that the novel thing about it for most people is the idea that you can hold the GoPro with your mouth for hands-free filming.  This seems to be quite popular with surfers, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be used elsewhere.

Check after the “read more” link for more information on this mount as well as a few alternatives to this particular construction.

I was hoping to list a “buy it yourself” alternative specifically for the GoPro, but it seems that this type of mount is more of a DIY exclusive.  An alternative would be to use a SCUBA regulator mouthpiece (like this one from Amazon), and just attach it to the normal GoPro mount.  This mount method is explained further here on

I think either of these GoPro mouth mounts could be improved upon, so maybe I’ll give making one a try.  I actually tried using the GoPro Hero3 without the case using my mouth in this video, but it’s a little too big, and the “blooper” at around 1:25 is a result of this.  Maybe a Hero 3+ (Amazon) would work better as it’s a little smaller than my “3.”

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