An Orange DIY GoPro Float Handle

This DIY GoPro float handle comes to us from imgur and features a really clever use of PVC pipe and an excellent shade of orange paint.  All the better to see it when bobbing around at the beach or on the lake!

Bright orange DIY GoPro Float HandleThere wasn’t a whole lot of detail to the build, but it looks to me like what was used was:

  • Length of 1″ PVC pipe
  • (2) End Caps
  • 1/4 – 20 bolt/nut
  • A 1/4 – 20 threaded GoPro mount like this one.
  • PVC glue, and glue or caulk to seal the bolt

If you were to build one, it might be a good idea to put some sort of foam inside of the tube just in case it started to leak.  Also, one could put a weight on the bottom to cause it to stand upright and video your floating adventure.

It was also pointed out on Reddit that if you would rather just buy one, this bobber-thing from Amazon would probably work, but be less fun to make.

2 thoughts on “An Orange DIY GoPro Float Handle

  1. Tomtim90 says:

    I built this recently. I made an 8 inch and a 16 inch version. The only thing I added was a 2nd nut on the bolt so that the tripod adapter doesn’t screw all the way in and you can tighten the nut into the adapter so it doesn’t rotate. Very sturdy and does indeed float. I didn’t paint mine.

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