GoPro Paddle Mount for your Canoe Adventure!


GoPro set up on a paddle stuck firmly in the sand

Ben recently wrote in about his recent camping trip on the Black river in Wisconsin.  It looks like they had a great time, and the river itself looks like a pretty ideal canoe-camping location.  Of interest here, was the GoPro paddle mount that he made using a Mini Cardellini Clamp (Amazon), which looks like a vise with male 3/8 – 16 threads coming out of it.  It’s attached to a Manfrotto 494 Ball Head (Amazon) that allows the GoPro’s 1/4 – 20 tripod adapter to screw into it.

This technique should work with any camera, but I’m not sure I’d trust a full-sized DSLR wth it!

As seen in the video after the “read more” at 0:27, the paddle is used as a “tripod,” similar to the PVC stake mount featured here earlier.  I initially thought this would be used for “FPV paddle” shots, but those probably wouldn’t look that good.  A very similar setup was used on the canoe’s upper edge, as seen below.  Note the safety cord; never trust your GoPro over water!*


A similar setup on the side of a canoe!

Thanks Ben for writing in with this interesting mount.  I really like the idea of turning the paddle that you already have with you into what looks like a very sturdy GoPro holder.  Here’s another image of the paddle setup:

GoPro paddle mount closeup

*Never trust your GoPro over water…  Or just shoot it into a lake with a slingshot as I did.