The Original Handle by GoWorx GoPro Mount Initial Review

The Original Handle by GoWorx Review

GoWorx, a manufacturer of GoPro acessories and DIYTripods newest sponsor, was nice enough to send over “The Original Handle by GoWorx” (pictured above) to review. I should note that even though I have a “floatie backdoor” attached, it’s unlikely it would float the whole assembly.

The mount is made out of a sturdy plastic material, and, as seen above, doubles as a good static mount, or “tripod” if you use the term very loosely. This use reminds me of the hockey puck GoPro mount featured on DIYTripods, but with a convenient carry handle.

This brings us to the main feature of this device, to help hand-carry your GoPro camera. It seems most natural to use this handle in a similar manner to how one would carry a suitcase for low shots. The camera could also be tilted down to hold in a pistol-grip. The velcro strap that you see is to hold a WiFi remote, which makes sense from an ergonomic standpoint, though the battery drain usually makes me avoid this control method.

Although there are certainly all kinds of ways to use this mount, using it while on some sort of smooth moving surface like a skateboard (as seen in the second video after the “read more” link) would be ideal. I tried the Original Mount out in the first video walking our family’s dog Evie. The video turned out much better than I expected; apparently even something as mundane as walking the dog can look exciting with the proper camera angles and 5x speed video!

And here’s the skateboarding footage mentioned above.

You can get this Orignal Handle from the GoWorx site, or they’re available from Amazon if you prefer to deal with them.

In other news, GoWorx also has a product called GoKnuckles, which is probably exactly what you envisioned when you heard this. Basically they are brass plastic knuckles with a mount for your GoPro on top. Supposedly UFC is considering using these for fight coverage in the future.*

*No, that’s not true (as far as I know). I would be interested to see how something like that turned out though. Dana White, if you read this blog, feel free to use this idea.

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