Hero Session for Great FPV StrandMaus Robot Footage

FPV StrandMaus with GoPro Hero SessionWhat could be better than a remote-controlled walking robot based on Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest? Perhaps if you added a Hero4 Session (Now known simply as the Hero Session – Amazon) to it on an excellent Pan/Tilt camera turret from Servocity, that would make it even more awesome.

I did actually make one of these little creatures, and put a turret on the top, dubbing it the “FPV StrandMaus,” which can be interpreted as “Fist Person View Beach Mouse.” Jansen’s first version was translated as “Beach Monster,” so naming it after a smaller animal seemed appropriate. Click on the “read more” thing to see the whole video, including the FPV footage around 0:35.

The Hero (4) Session really looks nice on the FPV StrandMaus. Slightly smaller than a normal Hero camera, it really seems to fit the design. In theory, you could control the device remotely, viewing what the little ‘Maus sees through a smartphone or tablet.

I (obviously) used an external camera here to take most of the footage, and though the FPV views are good, I didn’t want to overdo it too much. I did use mostly FPV footage in the first video I published on the little guy, but this turned out to be a little boring in my opinion. The latest version highlights the walking mechanism more, which people are hopefully more interested in. I also kept things fast, since people don’t generally have a long attention span.