The DIY Cardboard Light Box


If you take a lot of photos of fairly small objects that need to have even lighting applied, you might have thought about getting a light box.  Although they can be reasonably priced, you really can’t get much cheaper than this cardboard light box seen on Reddit.  Full instructions can be found in this series of photos, but the picture above shows the basic concept pretty well.

As for results, the wooden piece below turned out quite well:


It’s hard to beat the claimed $3 price for a DIY light box, but if you have some cash to spend, this photo studio lighting kit from Amazon is less than $30 on Amazon (as of this writing).   Surprisingly, at this price it includes lights and a tripod.  It’s hard not to be skeptical of something that includes so much for this price, but it got four stars on the review, so maybe it’s worth a look.

Anyone else have an interesting lighting setup they would like to show off?  Be sure to let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “The DIY Cardboard Light Box

  1. Logan says:

    Nice DIY lightbox! I made one (for around $20-30) using some tulle-like material to diffuse the light and crafted a wooden box out of 2″ wide 1/4″ thick planks. One change that I had from yours is that I diffused light from the top. Although I didn’t place a lamp right on top, it allowed me to get rid of some shadows.

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