DIY Slidecam – More Rigid and Adjustable

DIY slidecam

We’ve featured an early revision of this DIY slidecam here before, but RT at MakeMendMakeDo decided that the original camera slider wasn’t good enough and came up with this improved DIY slidecam mount.

The new slider is slightly taller and wider, and there are two beams on the bottom to give it more rigidity.  Additionally, the tripod mount sits higher above the rails to allow for more adjustment.

Hooks have been added to either side of the slider so that it can be pulled with an elastic band, which acts as a shock absorber.  Finally, rubber bumpers were added to keep the mount in place when filming.  Check out the resulting video after the “read more” link.  Really impressive!

The little details really set this slider apart and allow for quality video to be taken.  For more ideas, here’s my take on constructing a slidecam.  If you have some money to spare, you can always buy a really cool kit from Servocity, or one ready to go from Amazon.

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