Skate Mount your Camera with the Joby Focus Gorillapod

joby Gorillapod focus on skate wheels

We’ve featured a skateboard GoPro mount here before.  What if, however, you need something that can be pushed around, and can handle a larger camera at crazy angles?  If you’re searching for this kind of rolling video or pictures This skate mount by M2 Photography might fit the bill.

As seen above, this mount is based on the Gorillapod Focus Camera Tripod (Amazon), and simply adds casters to the bottom.  These casters are made from skateboard wheels, bent aluminum bolts for the pivots, and one of my favorite materials, PVC end caps.

If you don’t understand why something like this is cool, there’s a video of it in action on the previous link.  It’s probably not for everyone, but depending on the situation, a mount like this could be a real asset.  As for the Joby Focus mount itself, it’s not cheap, but there are definitely a lot of other cool ways to use it, like the window mount below.  You can see this and quite a few other unique mounts on Amazon’s Customer Image Gallery for this product.

Joby Focus Gorillapod on window