Ladder Toss GoPro = A Unique FPV Video

ladder toss GoPro camera

Ladder toss is, in my opinion, the best of all tailgate-style games.  Ultra portable, and fun to play, what’s not to love about it.

Adding a GoPro camera into the mix, and I had the idea to record a ladder toss session using a camera instead of one of the balls.  The resulting video later is this post is mildly entertaining, so be sure to read on if you don’t have anything else to do.

So yeah, the video turned out kind of cool.  Not my best, but not the worst either.  As seen in the photo below, the repeated landing on the ground took out a pivot that I’d glued back on.  It seemed quite sturdy after the repair, but apparently it could stand up to this type of repeated abuse.

results of the ladder toss GoPro game

supplies for the ladder toss GoPro game

If you would like to build your own ladder ball set, check out these build instructions on my other site,