Lego Camera Stabilizer AKA Steadicam

lego-camera-stabilizerIf you have a lot of Legos lying around, and perhaps a few hard drive platters, this Lego Camera Stabilizer might be a good option for taking steady video.

This stabilizer features 2 axes in the middle of the handle assembly, as well as a rotational axis just below the camera mount.  Weights on the bottom keep the camera upright, while additional weights on either side of the camera keep it pointed in the right direction.  Check out the video after the “read more” to see it in action.  It does an impressive job of keeping things steady.

It’s unclear why hard drive platters were used to weight the bottom and sides, but they look cool, so why not?  If you’d like to build one of these stabilizers, but PVC and metal are more your style, check out this DIY GoPro Steadicam that we’ve featured previously!