Make and finish a GoPro Pole for Video of Yourself

finished GoPro Pole aka GoPole

One of the coolest things you can do with a GoPro  is to take video of yourself doing whatever is of interest.  A “GoPro Pole,” sometimes referred to as a “GoPole” is used to increase your camera reach if you want to have yourself in the shot.

As an example, in Jeremy Scairappa’s case, he decided to video himself on a trike set up for drifting.  If you have no idea what this is, I think you’ll really enjoy it the video:

If you did indeed enjoy the video, maybe you also want to  make your own GoPro Pole.  I’ve included two videos after the “read more thing” of me making one out of PVC.  The first gives you the basic assembly, and the second is about finishing your Gopro Pole.  Either will work, but if you’re of the opinion that style counts, you may want to check out both:

And how to finish this GoPro Pole to make it look nice:

If that looks like too much work, Amazon has an selection of actual GoPole accessories.

The black automotive bed liner is a nice touch I think, although you could probably get away with just using paint.  I hope you liked the videos; if so, please give them a “thumbs up” on Youtube, I would appreciate it.

Btw, Jeremy S used a ski pole for his shots instead of the PVC method illustrated here.  I’m not exactly sure how he mounted his, but here’s a post about converting a hiking stick into a monopod.  Kind of similar, although reverse of what he’s using.

It should be noted, that this setup should work with any light camera as long as it has a standard tripod mount (threaded hole) on it.  As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to subscribe if you enjoy this kind of thing!

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