Makeshift Tripod from Chairs for a Paning Time-Lapse

makeshift-tripod-chairs-panning-time-lapseOn a recent trip to beautiful Clearwater, Florida, I thought it would be great to take a panning time-lapse shot from our hotel balcony.  Although it’s possible that it would have stayed on the railing without falling off (especially given my setup’s magnetic base), but I instead decided to stack chairs and a table for a “makeshift tripod.”

As you can see, it’s still probably not the most stable situation.  An actual tripod, or even just using the railing with a safety tether like this one, or simply a string, would have probably been better.  Either way, I got the shots that I wanted, and you can see the results below.

So I wouldn’t recommend this setup, given the risks.  There’s certainly a chance the camera could have slipped and fallen below hurting the camera, or worse, a person…  It was tempting to toss it into the pool 5 stories below, but certainly the same risks would apply.  Besides, I’d already shot my GoPro high into the air with a slingshot!