Awesome Medium Duty DIY Lighting Tilter

medium duty DIY lighting tilter

Recently, Dennis wrote in to tell us about his extremely well-built “medium-duty” lighting tilt fixture.  This swivel solves the problem that apparently only really wimpy or really heavy flash “tilters” are available, as shown below.

tilter types available

Unlike a lot of my “custom camera gear,” his piece of kit actually looks very well-built.  It’s milled out of aluminum, and features an ingenious “tapping” method for the bottom swivel that I haven’t seen before.  Instead of actually threading the aluminum, a nut is held securely between the two outer pieces.

DIY lighting tilter assembly

Be sure to check out his site for all the details of his DIY lighting tilter (maybe you can build your own).  If you’re dying to build your own gear, but are short a milling machine, perhaps you should check out this egg timer panning fixture…  No milling required, although a lathe is helpful ;).