Angle Iron Metal Slidecam and Rails

metal slidecam mount with DSLR

Camera sliders have been a running theme here at DIYTripods. This interesting metal slidecam version came in via a comment on this mostly-wooden slide mount. Apparently that video inspired the slide rail portion as seen below.

Unlike some other other contraptions seen here, the slider portion is made entirely of metal, with rivets attaching everything together. It can be used by itself, or it attaches nicely to the angle iron frame. It’s nice to see a dual-use setup like this that can be separated at will depending on the situation.

metal slidecam rails setup

Check out the build videos after the “read more” link for more explanation. Maybe it will inspire another build, which I’d love to hear about!

The slider fixture:

…and the dolly that rides on it:

Definitely let me know in the comments if you have something Interesting to show off!

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