Outdoor GoPro PVC Stake Mount

If you’ve made a 1″ GoPro PVC mount for as seen here, one way to make it really versatile is to cut it short and mount a coupler on it.  By doing this, you can slide it onto another longer PVC pipe.  Or, in this case, a pipe that’s been especially cut at 45 degrees to allow it to be hammered with a mallet into the ground.

GoPro PVC Mount StakeAccess to an electric miter sawhere’s mine on Amazon – makes cutting everything very easy, but a cheaper miter box saw would work as well.  Oddly, after starting this post, I thought of “steak mount.”  Maybe there is such a thing for grilling out…

I haven’t done anything that interesting with it yet, but after the “read more” is a time-lapse taken with it trying to burn a stump out of the ground.  Spoiler, it didn’t work that well:

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