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Jeremy-cuttingHi, my name is Jeremy Cook, and this blog is about interesting ways people mount their cameras.  The title is “DIY Tripods,” but this is meant in a general sense to be interesting ways that people mount and use their cameras.

Who I am

For my real job, I work as an engineer.  I’m also an avid “maker” and “do-it-yourselfer,” and have written for such fine publications as Hackaday.com, Wired UK, EETimes, and my own projects site, JCoPro.net.

Why Write About “Tripods?”

I do like photography, but after getting into it a bit more, I’m sure I have very little to add to the discussion about lens selection, aperture size, or whether Nikon is better than Canon.  I do, however, think I have something to add to the discussion about how people mount and use their cameras in a unique way.  I intend to make this site both about projects I’ve done, and feature other people’s interesting builds/mounts/uses.  Or “tripods” if you define the word very loosely.

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Email, as seen below, or in the little “follow” button that scrolls around on every page, is probably the best way to keep up with this site automatically.  I also have a Twitter account, and an RSS feed if you’d rather use that.  I won’t share your info, but apparently that’s public anyway, so you’ve got nothing to loose.  I’m joking, of course – I’m a paying member of the EFF, so I do take this stuff seriously.

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Contact me

You can email me at: [email protected]  Submit your contraptions or anything else you see that’s related and I’ll feature it if it’s cool.

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Why is this here?

I advertise with the Amazon affiliate program, so links there are generally paid.  I’d probably be linking there for stuff anyway, so the choice of getting paid vs not getting paid is a pretty easy decision.  So click and buy something if you want to support DIYTripods.com!

If YOU would like to advertise here as well, I’m certainly open to that, but don’t really have a program set up yet.  Alternatively, I have been doing some product giveaways if you’re interested in promoting your item that way.  Just email me at the address listed above, [email protected], and we can discuss.

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