Quadcopter Giveaway Results and Blog Update


Quadcopter light graffiti

First of all, let me say a big “Thank you” to everyone that subscribes or follows this blog in one way or another.  Unfortunately, only one person can win this prize – a Hubsan quadcopter that was featured here, but I hope a lot of you will stick around and see the excellent articles that we have planned for the coming weeks.  Also, I imagine I will do another giveaway at some point, so there is that…

That being said, congratulations to Greg Kelley via Youtube, on winning the Hubsan X4 H107L from Amazon!  I think he will absolutely love it.  I certainly enjoy mine.  You can check out his Youtube channel here, which already features a lot of quadcopter madness.


If you didn’t win one, they’re only $35 as of this writing.  I’ve seen the price vary on these quite a bit though, so you may want to order sooner rather than later.

As for this blog, November marked the 5th full month that DIYTripods.com was available.  Not purely about tripods, I try to feature unique camera mounts and uses, and up to this point, this site has gotten well over 30,000 views.  I think my most popular post (at least from the number of views the below Youtube clip has gotten) is still the GoPro slingshot post – which I highly recommend you check out.

I’m excited that there are now over 50 email subscribers to this site, as well a many more Youtube and Twitter followers.  The contest certainly helped with this, and I hope that putting some money and effort into promotion will pay off long-term.

I’ve got some more interesting posts in the works and/or done, so hopefully things at DIYTripods will continue to grow traffic-wise.  Additionally, there’s another writer slated to come on board soon, so that should provide the “masses” with more camera-based entertainment.  More on that later…

Finally, if you have anything you’ve seen or done that you’d like to see featured here, be sure to write in at [email protected]!  Or leave a comment; I’m always interested in reader feedback!