Quadcopter Sparkler Light Graffiti

quadcopter sparkler light graffiti with sparklers

Add a moving light in front of your lens when taking a long exposure shot, and you get a “light graffiti” or “light painting effect.  Not satisfied with “normal” techniques, I tried a photo this using a quadcopter as shown in this post.  As fun as it was, adding fire to it in the form of a lit sparkler produced even more amazing effects.

In the above photo, you see the line of fire streaking into the sky, as well as my my Hubsan X4 quadcopter’s (Amazon) LED lights.  It’s hard to fly without them, but I did turn them off (by holding the “down” throttle trim) for a few of the shots.  This made it look cleaner, and the results as well as how I made it can be seen in the two videos after the “read more” link thing.

So this quadcopter sparkler light graffiti technique could be summarized as: attach sparkler to quadcopter, light, fly around, and take a long exposure picture.  Shots were around 10-15 seconds each, and I used this wide angle adapter (Amazon) to get a larger field of view with my Canon T2i camera.

Below is another video of me trying this out before things got darker with a sparkler.  I was impressed that the little Hubsan X4 could hold the sparkler up, although battery life was significantly decreased.

As a warning, fireworks are inherently dangerous, and flying them around most likely makes them more so.  I don’t recommend anyone trying this, but if you do, at least make sure you’re a decent pilot, and in an area that you won’t catch anything on fire.

11 thoughts on “Quadcopter Sparkler Light Graffiti

  1. logan says:

    Love the idea using a sparkler. This little quad seems to be pretty handy for long exposure photography, especially being able to carry light loads. Any chance it can carry a goPro?

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    • Jeremy Cook says:

      Wow, that X4 looks incredible! I don’t see it for sale though – maybe I need to look harder.

      The Eye-one-extreme looks interesting too – I just wonder how stable the video would be.

      Thanks for reading!

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